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The Group conducts its corporate activities under the management philosophy of "Always aim to be a respectable company, worthy of being chosen by customers, employees, shareholders, and society."
While placing importance on dialog with all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, local communities, government and international organizations, universities and research institutes, and employees, we are committed to promoting understanding of our Group and to continuously improving Group activities and initiatives.

Respect for Basic Human Rights

Compliance is fundamental to our management policy. We stipulate that all company officers and employees must not only faithfully observe laws and regulations, but also be fully aware of corporate ethics and carry out their duties with common sense as responsible members of society.

We respect the basic human rights and diversity of the people we come into contact with throughout all aspects of our global business activities and prohibit discrimination and human rights abuses based on differences for any reason, as well as all forms of forced labor, including human trafficking and slave labor, and harassment.

The "Compliance Handbook" distributed to employees outlines the above and the basics to be observed, including a healthy work environment and protection of privacy, and further education is provided as needed.


The Group aims to become a corporate group where diverse human resources gather from all over the world, and are highly motivated and able to maximize their abilities and work globally. To this end, our Group will continue to improve the diversity of individuals and work styles, the job satisfaction of all Group employees, and the satisfaction of employees who make significant contributions, thereby evolving the "extended family policy" that is an important management philosophy of our Group.

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Creating a Comfortable Working Environment

A person's awareness changes dramatically when his or her environment changes. We have incorporated many innovations into our workplaces, including NICCA Innovation Center, which was designed as a "Happy Workplace" and opened within the Fukui head office site in 2017. In addition to an office environment with unassigned seating, a glass-walled laboratory for easy communication, and a quiet room to be alone and concentrate, we also offer a flexible work environment, which includes flexible work hours, working from home, and an hourly paid leave system.

Occupational Health and Safety

With "zero workplace accidents throughout NICCA Chemical Group" as one of our major management pillars, we achieve occupational health and safety for all employees through our established occupational health and safety policy, systematic education and training, and proactive workplace health and safety activities in which all employees participate.
In December 2019, NICCA Chemical's head office obtained ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) certification. We constantly share information with our domestic and overseas affiliates to prevent disaster and accidents.

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NICCA's Health and Productivity Management Declaration

It is essential that every employee work with vitality and remain innovative if the Group is to achieve its management philosophy of "Always aim to be a respectable company, worthy of being chosen by customers, employees, shareholders, and society."
The Group views the physical and mental health of its employees and their families, who support the growth of the company, as an important management resource. We aim to be a company that enriches the lives, comfort, and health of our employees, while contributing to the development of society by actively supporting activities to maintain and improve health and by driving the organized promotion of health.

Community and Social Activities

We promote social contribution activities to aid in the creation of sustainable communities as a member of the local community. Some of our activities are introduced here.

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