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NICCA has been researching surface and hair care science for more than 75 years, and developing new products with the ethos of "Creating Value by Providing Technology" based on core technologies such as organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and nanotechnology.
We will continue to promote open innovation and provide new solutions together with our customers, based on our added value technologies as we aim to become "the reliable innovation company by customers all over the world".

Open Innovation Strategy

The creation of new businesses is essential for our further growth, which will become our main business next to textile chemicals and cosmetics as well as the innovation in these businesses.
By opening the NICCA Innovation Center (NIC), we will accelerate the creation of new products and businesses, reducing the distance from business partners by combining internal and external information and ideas.
We will also promote open innovation in various fields by utilizing NIC as a platform for industry-government-academia collaboration, leading to early commercialization.

Strategy for Strengthening and Expanding Global Research Networks

We will expand our global networks, aiming to create world-class global products. By strengthening cooperation with our Asian-centered group companies, we will promote the efficiency and synergy of R&D, actively pushing the development of new technology.

EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) Strategy

Contributing to the realization of the SDGs is now a key mission of chemical manufacturers.
For all R&D themes, we are working only on items that meet at least one of EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) and are promoting activities for sustainable development in mind.