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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Concept

The word "Activate" incorporates two concepts that symbolize NICCA.
The first relates to the surface active agents that the Group manufactures and sells. We hope to use this technology to enrich people's lives and society, and to create a bright future.

The second relates to the meanings of "activate" and "brighten." We want to be an activating presence that makes everyone's day-to-day life and their entire life shine brightly with energy and vitality.

We will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by continuing to work to achieve this vision.

Materiality (Key issues)

The promotion of sustainable management was established as a company-wide basic strategy in the Group's Medium-term Business Plan, INNOVATION 25. As a company that contributes to society, our aim is to proactively promote such efforts at an even higher level. One example of such a measure is the addition of a new management target of a 30% reduction (compared to 2018) in net CO2 emissions for the entire Group by 2030.

EnvironmentWork toward a cleaner global environment
  • 30% reduction in net CO2 emissions for the entire Group by 2030 (compared to 2018)
  • Contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and circular economy by focusing on businesses that solve social issues related to the global environment
  • Incorporate "Chemical Green Concept" to strengthen management of chemical substances and help customers lessen their own environmental impact
  • Actively promote the use of environmentally friendly containers and packaging materials
  • Implement resource and energy conservation activities

LifeMake people's lives more comfortable
  • Focus on businesses that contribute to the health and prosperity of people around the world
  • Provide products that contribute to healthy and clean living, such as laundry agents and sports apparel with added functionality
  • Develop innovative cosmetics that pursue hair health and beauty
  • Contribute to the prevention of infectious diseases with antibacterial and antiviral products
  • Create and nurture new businesses in the areas of technologies and materials required in the domain of advanced information technology, such as digital devices and semiconductors

SocietyEnrich society
  • Evolve the Group's extended family policy to attract diverse individuals and provide them the opportunities and motivation to fully display their abilities
  • Deeply cultivate diversity that respects the diversity of individuals and a diversity of workstyles
  • Implement various initiatives to improve employee job satisfaction
  • Coexist with local communities and contribute to the creation of communities that are good places in which to live
  • Proactively support international students from emerging countries and provide scholarships for the physically disabled
  • Manage health and productivity well