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Environmental Policy


NICCA aims to be a reliable company which protects the global environment, enriching people's lives through industrial activities based on Surface Science and Life Science.


1. We make eco-friendly products and work towards prevent environmental pollution.

  • We provide green products without containing harmful materials.
  • We promote green procurement.
  • We establish production flow with a minimal environmental load.

2. All of us try for improvement through activity of the participation.

  • We try to make effective use of resources.
  • We promote energy saving of resources, and carbon dioxide reduction.
  • We work towards reduction of factory waste with 3R ( reduce, reuse, recycle) and zero-emission (process, or other energy source, that emits no waste products that pollute the environment).

3. We will keep a work environment where the community and employees can feel safe.

  • We will keep a work environment where a community and employees can feel relieved and be safe.
  • We promote risk management system and compliance management.
  • We share environment-related information inside and outside the company.

We improve the environmental management of our group companies.

Revision on Jan 1st, 2019
EMORI Yasumasa

Chemical Green Concept

The Earth must continue to exist in a safe state for all living things, not only today but also in the future. For this reason, global environmental countermeasures are a common issue all over the world, and we are also challenging this "global environmental protection" issue and aiming for permanent development in harmony with the global environment.

Therefore, we have adopted the "Chemical Green Concept" as a company-wide environmental activity, and aggressively strengthens the management of chemical substances, leading to a reduction in environmental impact not only when products are manufactured but also when customers use our products. This is one of the purposes of our product development.

"Environment to build by all participating"
Environment where local residents can live comfortably (local satisfaction)
Products and services that customers can use with peace of mind (customer satisfaction)
A workplace where everyone can work comfortably (employee satisfaction)

We have also established an "Environmental Quality, Safety and Health (EQHS) Subcommittee" within our company, and are working on company-wide environmental and safety activities in accordance with our environmental policy.