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Management of Public Research Funds

NICCA Chemical strives to ensure that public research funds are appropriately and efficiently executed and managed. In addition to promoting fairness in research activities, we have established measures to prevent misconduct surrounding the use of public research funds for research and development that are allocated by national and incorporated administrative agencies and has adopted internal regulations aimed at appropriately responding to any such misconduct.

In accordance with internal regulations, along with our establishing a management responsibility system for the management of public research funds utilized by NICCA Chemical and efforts to deal with research misconduct, we has established, as shown below, one contact point to handle inquiries relating to the management of pubic research funds and another to handle reports of potential misuse and misconduct (whistleblowing).

1. The responsibility system

Chief Administrative OfficerPresident and Representative DirectorThe Chief Administrative Officer presides over the entire company with regards to the appropriate management of the company's public research funds.
General ManagerChairman of Compliance Risk Management Supervisory SubcommitteeThe General Manager assists the Chief Administrative Officer in the appropriate management of the company's public research funds.

2. Contact point for inquiries regarding the management of public research funds

Contact: R&D Administration and Promotion Department, Institute of Surface Science and Technology, NICCA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
*Please contact us by e-mail.
E-mail: research-office@niccachemical.com

3. Contact to report potential misuse and misconduct relating to public research funds

Contact point: Compliance Risk Management Supervisory Subcommittee, NICCA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.
*Please contact us by e-mail.
E-mail: Comp-Box@niccachemical.com

4. Handling of inquiries and whistleblower reports

  1. The subjects of inquiries and whistleblower reports handled are (1) the misuse of public research funds (unintended use, etc.), and (2) misconduct surrounding research data (data fabrication, falsification, theft, and so on).
  2. All inquiry and whistleblower report information shall be handled appropriately in accordance with internal regulations.
  3. As the individual making the inquiry or whistleblower report may be contacted to ask for cooperation in a concrete investigation, to provide investigation results to, and so forth, a name and contact details should be provided, if possible. (It is also possible for inquiries and whistleblower reports to be made anonymously.) Any and all personal information (including email addresses) obtained by the office when an inquiry or whistleblower report is made will not be used for any other purpose than that stated above.
  4. When making a whistleblower report concerning research misconduct, please provide as much specific content and scientific reasoning to support the claim of fraudulent activity as possible.
  5. If investigation results show that a whistleblower report was made with malicious intent, the name of the whistleblower will be made public in accordance with company guidelines and internal regulations, and, in some cases, may be subject to criminal charges (in other cases, the whistleblower will not be subject to any adverse treatment).