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About Us

President's Message

To be the most respected innovation company for customers all over the world.

Welcome to our corporate website.

We have established 3 key management strategies as "Innovation", "Efficiency", "Sustainability", for our company, and have already addressed various challenges for the future.

The biggest challenge was opening the NICCA Innovation Center (NIC). We have had 10,000 visitors ranging from Japanese to overseas customers as well as from students to professors, and various ideas and projects have begun to emerge and accelerated since the creation of the NIC.

"Creating Value by Providing Technology" is our ethos which we've strived to maintain since our establishment in 1941 and will never change.

"Activate your life." is our mission statement, and it is based on both surface and hair care science. We aim to enrich everyones' lives and to brighten our global future through NICCA's technologies.

EMORI Yasumasa
President CEO