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Expansion into the medical and wellness fields with high quality agents

Infection Control Chemicals

Taking advantage of our knowledge of professional cleaning, we are also expanding our business into cleaning for medical devices/instruments, which require more advanced technology and quality. With "cleaning" as our keyword, NICCA is also developing collaborate detergents and disinfectants dedicated to various medical devices and hygiene management products.


Utilizing cleaning technology that has been cultivated over many years, contribute to creating a cleaner, safer and more comfortable environment through product development and services that are unique to the medical and wellness fields.

Strengths of NICCA

Realizing safe and high-quality cleaning.

Equipment used in the medical and wellness fields is responsible for work related to human life, so high technology and quality are required. Utilizing surface science technology, we are working on development and research to provide optimal agents for each customer.

Product information

Medial Fields

Category Sub Category
Objects to be cleaned and disinfected Medical equipment after operation and treatment
Portable urinal, toilet
Other medical equipment
Cleaning and disinfection equipment Immersion / ultrasonic (manual cleaning)
WD (machine cleaning)
Endoscope cleaning
Bed Pan washer
Inspection equipment
Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment

Welfare fields

Category Series Name -
Textile wash ECOSMILE Series Automatic medicine feeder
Dedicated cleaning agents for bleaching facilities, bleaching agents, flexible
Body hygiene ECOLCE Series Hand hygiene
Bathing and oral assistance
Wiping assistance
Environmental management REFRESIA Series Toilet
Living room ... Etc
Meal hygiene SUNLEX Series Sink / chopping board
Gas range / range hood