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Reliable detergents that apply textile processing technology

Laundry Chemicals

NICCA Chemical entered the cleaning industry in 1962 by leveraging its expertise and technologies accumulated in the Textile field. Currently, we manufacture and sell products used in each process from washing to finishing in both home cleaning and linen supply fields. Based on the concept of "Environmentally Friendly agent for People and Life", we provide products that are safe and reliable for use by our customers.


Taking advantage of our knowledge so far, we will contribute to the field of cleaning and processing fields that requires more advanced technology and quality.

Strengths of NICCA

Reliable detergency applying Textile processing technology.

In the house-hold cleaning field, which applies the technological expertise accumulated in Textile processing, detergents are commercialized that can remove water-based soils that cannot be removed by normal dry cleaning. This agent for dry cleaning has the top share in Japan, which is used regularly by cleaning companies nationwide.

Product information

Dry Cleaning Industry

Category Sub Category Series Name
For laundry Powder detergent NOWDAY / SIROCK
Liquid detergent SANFRIEND
Builder COLST
Bleaching agent LIPO BLEACH
Laundry starch SKIP
Smoothing agent FAMITON
For wet system Liquid detergent SANFRIEND
Water and oil repellent BARIGUARD
ABC wet system agent WET SOAP / SOILNON
Finishing agent of the texture like being mink fur FAMITON
For dry cleaning Pre-treatment agent SOILAGE
Detergent and hydrocarbon DRYSTAR
Detergent for Park DRYSIGMA
Water and oil repellent for dry cleaning DRY BARIGUARD
Detergent for chlorofluorocarbon FLUORENS / FRONTAGE

Linen Supply

Category Sub Category Series Name
Agent for linen supply Powder detergent ECOMAX
Liquid detergent ECOMAX LIQUID
Powder builder COLST
Liquid builder NEORATE
Bleaching agent LIPO BLEACH
Softener ELMORE
Laundry starch SKIP
Smoothing agent FAMITON
Quality improver for linen ECOMAX /NICEPOLE
For wet towel Powder detergent LUPICAL

Agent for facility

Category Sub Category Series Name
Agent for facility Liquid detergent, Bleaching agent, Finishing agent ECOSMILE / ESTORAL