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Developing Sustainable Products

The Group has always regarded addressing environmental issues as the responsibility of a chemical manufacturer. We have been developing environment friendly new products for more than 30 years using voluntary environmental standards aimed at saving resources along with other measures. We are currently promoting product development based on development concepts that include solving social issues and contributing to our EHD domains (Environment, Health, Digital (advanced materials)). We are taking on this challenge of solving social issues to realize a sustainable society.

Product Quality Assurance

The Group is committed to sustainable manufacturing throughout the entire value chain. To achieve this, and to be aligned with society and industry as well, the Group has strived to obtain ISO certification, an international management standard, as its basis for product development, and to join international environmental certification organizations.
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A shift to EHD (business domains of Environment, Health and Digital (advanced materials))

The basic strategy in our Medium-term Business Plan, INNOVATION 25, announced in February 2021, was to place a new focus on the three business domains of Environment, Health and Digital (advanced materials) (the EHD businesses). With this major shift in our business portfolio, we aim to become a unique chemical manufacturer that contributes to realizing a sustainable society and circular economy, promoting people's health and the evolution of the hygiene environment, and realizing a smart society by providing pioneering technologies and materials in the field of advanced information technology.


Focusing on businesses that solve social issues related to the global environment, we are working to solve environmental challenges through eliminating hazardous substances, promoting recycling, and developing products and solutions that save water, reduce GHG emissions, and reduce waste throughout the supply chain.

Water-based polyurethane resins: EVAFANOL Series

Polyurethane resins are used in cushioning, insulation materials, paints, adhesives, artificial leather, and so forth. In recent years, not only in Europe and the U.S., which are enthusiastic regarding environmental issues, but also in Asia, regulations on organic solvents have been tightened, and many manufacturers using polyurethane resins in the manufacture of the above products have set a goal of zero discharge of hazardous substances, leading to an increase in the need for water-based polyurethane resins. We provide total solutions to customers by leveraging technology accumulated over more than 40 years to design water-based polyurethane resins to suit the needs of each customer and then combine these with other in-house finish treatments, such as dyeing, water repellency, and fire retardancy.

PFC-free durable water repellent: NEOSEED Series

As the apparel industry moves toward zero use and discharge of hazardous chemicals throughout the textile processing supply chain, the switch to PFC-free durable water repellents is accelerating. We were among the first to develop products that achieve water repellency comparable to that of conventional fluorine-based water repellents. In addition to contributing to industry initiatives, we have received high acclaim from various quarters, including awards such as the "Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize" at the 2017 Local Commendation for Inventions of Kinki and the "2020 R&D 100 Award" sponsored by R&D World Magazine in the United States.

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EraL: Beautiful hair, beautiful world

EraL (EraL Co., Ltd.), a cosmetics company that makes salon-exclusive products, provides aging care* products that support the beauty of hair. In addition to actively adopting environmentally friendly containers and materials, the company provides support to young people aspiring to become hairdressers and conducts cutting-edge aging care research to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.
*Age-appropriate care


Health and hygiene

One of the challenges facing society is to realize a world in which every person can lead a healthy and happy life. We will contribute to the health and wellbeing of people around the world by rapidly developing and commercializing hygiene-related products, for which societal needs are increasing, and by focusing on next-generation medical care and infection control measures.

NICCANON Series: Antibacterial, deodorizing and antiviral agent

This antibacterial and antiviral textile finishing agent inhibits the growth of bacteria and reduces the number of viruses that have adhered to the processed area. It also eliminates odors, contributing to hygienic living.

DEMI: Healthy and beautiful hair with the latest hair science

DEMI Cosmetics announced a new stage of evolution for its FLOWDIA product range, the culmination of 40 years of hair science research. This new range brings together two unique care mechanisms: the Ballnaid system for selective repair of damaged parts and the Bondaid system which approaches the problem of unruly hair. We will continue to contribute to the fields of beauty and health backed by the power of science.

Yamada Pharmaceutical: Sterilization* for peace of mind *Not all bacteria and viruses can be sterilized.

Yamada Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with a history of over 100 years, conducts consignment manufacturing of "antibacterial and antiviral sprays with excellent durability" in Japan as private label products for customers. Customers can choose the most suitable product to match their needs from a lineup of four grades of ethanol content.


Advanced materials

The demand for digital devices and semiconductors is expanding due to the acceleration of the digital transformation. We will contribute to technology and material areas required in the field of advanced information technology by developing and applying our strengths in monomer derivation technology, polymer synthesis technology, AO addition technology, and fluorine-related synthesis, manufacturing, and processing technology.

Optical component materials

Various specialty resins and raw materials used in optical components for digital devices, such as optical component materials for smartphones and PCs and specialty films for LCD TV screens, simultaneously require multiple functions, including adhesion to metals and other dissimilar materials, transparency, and pressure sensitive adhesion. We contribute to these needs with the resins and raw materials that we develop.

Fluorinated chemicals supporting DX

Fluorinated chemicals are utilized as lubricants and greases for equipment used in manufacturing precision instruments, semiconductors, displays, and so on, for which global demand is increasing with the acceleration of the digital society. They are also used as antifouling agents in smartphones, lenses, and so on for their excellent chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. We are contributing to the digital transformation by developing these fluorinated chemicals and establishing mass production technologies.

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Ohtomo-Chemical : Coolant agent for semiconductors

Ohtomo-Chemicals Ins., Corp. develops and manufactures products that are indispensable for the cutting, grinding, polishing, washing, and bonding processes conducted in the production of digital device components, such as crystal oscillators and semiconductors. The company contributes to environmental care and the digital society by reducing the use of petrochemicals and developing zero-emission products through the recycling of coolants, its main product, at the company's own facilities.

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