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The Group is working to enhance management transparency, strengthen supervisory functions, speed decision-making, and ensure compliance, which we position as high-priority issues in corporate governance. Our aim is to enhance corporate value by strengthening and improving our corporate governance system.

Corporate governance

Along with establishing a "Company Motto" and "Guiding Precepts," based on the spirit of the company's founder, the Group is working to instill in its corporate officers and employees the management philosophy of "Always aim to be a respectable company, worthy of being chosen by customers, employees, shareholders, and society." This is aimed at enhancing corporate value and achieving sustainable growth over the medium and long term. To this end, we position corporate governance as a high-priority management issue. We are engaged in improving management speed, transparency, and fairness by establishing accurate and prompt decision-making and business execution systems, as well as an appropriate supervisory system.

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Basic Policy on Internal Control

The Group established "Basic Compliance Regulations" and requires company officers and employees to comply with laws and regulations and the Articles of Incorporation, and to act with common sense and within ethical standards, in accordance with our "Company Motto and Guiding Precepts," "Basic Values," and "Code of Conduct for Each Individual," which represent the Group's management philosophy. Through compliance training and other means, this spirit is instilled as the foundation of all our corporate activities.
To oversee the Group's compliance and business risk management, the Company established the Compliance Risk Management Committee, which is chaired by the President and Representative Director and includes Management Council members. It directs and supervises other compliance-related committees, panels, and divisions.

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