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Leading the global textile processing industry

Textile Chemicals

NICCA Chemical began in 1941 with the development of surfactants for textile processing. Since our founding, we have manufactured and sold a wide range of textile processing agents from preparation (scouring, bleaching, relaxing), to dyeing (dyeing, soaping, fixing), and finishing (functioning)s, which are required for each process and material. We will lead not only Japanese but global textile industries by taking advantage of our strengths of total support for the whole textile process, while developing new technologies using ideas and expertise that are gained by communication with our customers.


Using our core technology, provide total support for textile processing and contribute to the development of the global textile industry.

Textile Chemicals
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Strengths of NICCA

Top share in domestic textile processing chemicals for Japan.

Our company, which has solved all of the problems we faced alongside our customers since our founding, has a wealth of experience in all processes and provides technical support.

General textile processing processes

  1. Preparation
  2. Dyeing
  3. Finishing

Global Network

In order to contribute to the development of the global textile industry, NICCA Chemical has 14 sites in 9 countries and regions , mostly in Asia.
We respond smoothly to requests from customers all over the world by technical support that is close to customers, local procurement of raw materials, and suitable site production system to secure production base closer to the supplier.

Overseas Bases
● Technical alliance partners and licensing contractors

Reducing the environmental impact of the textile industry

In 2013, we became the first Japanese manufacturer of textile processing chemicals to become a bluesign system partner. We are working to improve the safety of the entire supply chain related to textile production.
We also joined ZDHC* in 2018. We will continue to contribute to the achievement of ZDHC's philosophy by providing textile processing chemicals that take into consideration the sustainable conservation of consumers, workers, and the environment.
* ZDHC: ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme (zero-emission programs for hazardous chemical substances)

Product information

We provide products that meet diverse needs in each process of preparation, dyeing and finishing.

Category Series Name
Oiling agent(Lubricant) NK OIL
Scouring agent SUNMORL
Bleaching stabilizer NEORATE
Chelating and Dispersing agent NEOCRYSTAL
Penetrating agent for alkali reduction and mercerization NEORATE
Defoaming agent TEXPORT CF-90
In-bath quality improver TEXPORT
Leveling agent NICCA SUNSOLT
Soaping agent ESKUDO
Fixing agent SUNLIFE, NEOFIX
Light fastness improver SUNLIFE
Machine cleaner NICCA SUNCLEANER
Water absorbing quick dry agent NICEPOLE
Anti-static agent NICEPOLE
Fluorocarbon based water and oil repellent, Soil-release agent (SR) NK GUARD
Silicone based water repellent NEOSEED
Flame Retardant NICCA FI-NONE
Napping agent SHEARLON
Stiffener KASESOL
Anti-bacterial agent NICCANON
Anti-odor agent KIRAKURU