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Open innovation + Solutions. Creating new value alongside

Our strength is to provide customer-oriented solutions based on our core technologies, accumulated knowledge and know-how that have been refined since our foundation.
When customers have trouble or various problems while implementing new technology, we will come on-site and problem solve together. On-site oriented activities that are tied up with sales and research, which started with textile processing chemcials, have been inherited in other fields and overseas. The NICCA Innovation Center (NIC) opened in November 2017. Two Institute of surface science and hair care science will accelerate the creation of new products and businesses by further reducing the distance between our customers and business partners and combining internal and external information and ideas.

Respond quickly to the needs with technology

NICCA CHEMICAL has grown by applying its textile technologies to other businesses. Beginning with surfactants for textile processing in 1941, we then expanded into the cleaning and pulp and paper industries where materials are used like fibers. Metalworking detergents and cosmetics were also developed from techniques for washing or dyeing fibers. Currently, we have 14 bases in nine countries and regions, based mostly in Asia. In addition to providing local technical support in the textile processing field, we are also able to provide global products by planning and developing in Japan for overseas sales, among other things.

Our mission is to provide naturally healthy, beautiful hair through hair science and advanced technology

Applying in-depth knowledge and technology from the textile field to shampoos, treatments, perms, and hair colors,such as washing, slipping, and dyeing. The establishment of the Cosmetics Division in 1981, Institute of Hair Science and Technology has been working on hair and the scalp for more than 40 years. Researchers conduct scientific analysis of the Japanese hair and scalp as well as research on formulations and ingredients, leading to innovative product development. In close collaboration with hair salons, who are also hair specialists, we have created a number of unique formulations, including hair care, styling, scarp care, hair color, and perms.

As a platform for collaboration

NICCA CHEMICAL has developed as an R&D-oriented company. We have been collaborating with educational institutions such as universities and research institutes since early on. We will continue to promote open innovation to create new business by actively utilizing NIC as a platform for collaboration between industry, government and academic research institutes, and actively exchanging research across different fields.

NICCA Innovation Center
・Institute of Hair Science and Technology