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SDGs Initiatives

"Brightening our lives and future based on surface science and hair science."
We are committed to the SDGs, which aim for a sustainable world, in our business.

While continuing with our ethos of "Creating Value by Providing Technology", which we have valued since our founding in 1941, we will contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* agreed upon by the international community to make our lives (from the plant to local communities) and the future brighter.

The NICCA Chemical Group's management philosophy is to "Always aim to be a respectable company, worthy of being chosen by customers, employees, shareholders, and society." In order to achieve this we will continue to move forward one step at a time to create new value and technologies for society through our business.

*SDGs...Sustainable Development Goals
A collection of 17 globally shared goals, with 169 targets, adopted by the United Nations to define global priorities and act as a blueprint for the world until 2030.

Sustainable Development Goals:SDGsのマーク

Efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

A goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% was included in the Group's Medium-term Business Plan established in 2021, and specific initiatives to achieve this are already well underway.
One such initiative was signing Hokuriku Electric Power Company's green special contract (Aqua Green) for electricity used at our locations in Fukui Prefecture (head office and Sabae Factory), as our companies in Japan have the highest level of CO2 emissions derived from electric power in the Group. Switching to 100% hydroelectric power enabled us to achieve zero CO2 emissions derived from electric power at our location in Fukui Prefecture.

Scholarship program established by EraL Co., Ltd., a cosmetic brand specializing in salon products

EraL has established a unique scholarship program for beauty school students who wish to become hairdressers.
By supporting students through scholarships, the company hopes to help hair salons solve the shortage of hairdressers due to the declining birth rate and changing work styles.


NICCA Chemical has been promoting initiatives for diversity management based on the management policy that "the activities of each and every employee, including women, persons with disabilities, the elderly, and foreigners, will lead to company growth. Especially about "active women", in particular, "Women's success" has been positioned as a key element of our corporate growth strategy.
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Providing free ECOLCE hand sanitizer at vaccination sites, etc.

We donated an amount of hand sanitizer deemed necessary for each Covid-19 vaccination center established by Fukui Prefecture (30 x 1L bottles in total). Manufactured and sold by our Group, this product is a disinfectant containing moisturizing ingredients that are gentle to the skin, and features a formula that is easy to use, even for those with sensitive skin.
We plan to continue to provide this product, free of charge, to vaccination centers and to event venues hosting events to cheer up Fukui.
* ECOLCE hand sanitizer
ECOLCE was launched in 2011 to address the concerns of caregivers who must sanitize their hands numerous times a day. In addition to disinfecting, this quasi-pharmaceutical product contains four moisturizing ingredients that maintain moisture and support the barrier function of the skin of the hands.

Adoption of environmentally friendly containers and packaging materials

With a sustainable society in mind, DEMI Cosmetics' flagship brand, FLOWDIA, uses containers and packaging materials that have a low impact on the environment. Environmentally friendly plastic made from sugarcane-based materials is used in their plastic containers.(1) In addition, FSC(2) certified paper, which is produced in accordance with standards covering responsible forest management, processing, and distribution, is used in their individual packaging boxes and major promotional materials.
(1) Not used in some containers (mini haircare products, aluminium packs)
(2) FSC...Forest Stewardship Council

Donated a portion of sales for the development of the Bangladesh textile industry

HONG KONG NICCA CHEMICAL Co., Ltd. which has its Liaison office in DHAKA, Bangladesh, announced its participation in "the Textile Talent Hunt (TTH) 2019-20", which is planned and operated by Textile Today, and donated funds to Bangladesh Textile Today, which publishes a comprehensive textile magazine. On November 24th, 2019, it concluded a MoU of understanding for joint activities.
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A wastewater seminar was held in Indonesia.

We held a wastewater seminar on October 24th, 2019 in Bandung, Indonesia, where the textile industry is thriving. Lectures on the pollution status of the Citarum River, a valuable water source in Bandung, the Indonesian government and DLHK's efforts to purify water, and the usefulness of Green Chemicals were of great interest.
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