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Advanced Materials

In recent years, research for new applications using nanostructured materials is indispensable to meet customer's high-speced demands.Utilizing our expertise of surface science essential for nanotechnology, we are developing a variety of technologies, including chemicals for nanoparticles and electronic materials.


Use our core surface science technology to enhance our technological capabilities in new fields and expand into new markets.

Strengths of NICCA

Expanding business possibilities through open innovation.

The NICCA Innovation Center was established as a place for creating innovation. We are working to realize "open innovation" by integrating our knowledge with business partners and technicians all over the world while making use of our expertise in surface science and technology, and by creating new value, including advanced materials.

Product information

Functional photo-cross-linker

  • Ultrafast photo-cross-linker for gene analysis CNV Series


  • Metal nanoparticle dispersion

Ultra Dispersed Diamonds

  • "DiaLumie" Nanodiamonds Based Transparent Projection Screen