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R&D Overview

Number of researchers

252 researchers (128 in Japan)

Average age

37.2 years

Gender Ratio

50% men 50% women

Number of patents

325 patents

Ratio of research and development expenses

4.4% Global

Number of new product

268 items

Number of Development Themes and Projects

753 projects

Number of Collaboration Partners
(Private and Public Organizations)

17partners (9 in Japan)

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Nagoya University
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Saitama University
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Fukui University
Fukui Prefectural University
Shinshu University
Hoshi University
Sugiyama Jogakuen University
Keio University
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
RWTH AACHEN Univ. (Germany)

[Public Organization]
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
DYETEL (Korea)
KRICT (Korea)
ITRI (Taiwanese)
CFK VALLEY (Germany)

[Private Sector]
Resil Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (India)
SOLVAY (Belgium)

- Past 5 years results -

R&D bases

NICCA Chemical will continue to create innovation with our global R&D network, which is expanding both domestically and internationally.

Personnel, etc. : as of the end of 2018
Other numbers in 2018