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What is the origin of the company name?

Our founder joined the management of a refining industry site, and we began manufacturing and exporting amino acids that had been in shortage on the mainland of China with his decision. On this occasion, we reorganized and renamed the refining industry site to NICCA Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

When was the company established?

NICCA Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established on September 15, 1941. On June 21, 1988, it was reorganized as NICCA Chemical Co., Ltd.

How much is the capital?

2,898,545,000 yen.

How many employees do you have?

There are 1,500 employees in NICCA Chemical Group on a consolidated basis, and 607 employees in NICCA Chemical Co., Ltd. on a non-consolidated basis.
(As of December 31, 2023)

What is your business?

Manufacture and sale of the following products.
1. Surfactants for the textile chemicals
2. Surfactants for metals, pulp & paper, paints, dyes and synthetic resins
3. Dry cleaning and professional cleaning agents
4. Cosmetics and pharmaceutical products

What is the NICCA's Corporate Philosophy and Management Philosophy?

The corporate philosophy of NICCA Chemical Group is as follows.

[Company Motto]
[1] We will serve our customers.
[2] We will try our best to develop our company.
[3] We wish for the happiness of all employees.

[Guiding Precepts]
[1] We will always be sincere.
[2] We will never fail to be diligent.
[3] We will never hurt our credit.

NICCA Group's managerial principle is "Always aim to be a reliable company, worthy of being chosen by customers, employees, stockholders, and society".
Please refer to "Management Philosophy" for more details.

What are the NICCA Chemical Group's mid-term business strategies?

Please refer to "Medium-Term Management Plan" for details.

I want to learn about the corporate governance.

NICCA Chemical Group aims to be a company that is a reliable individual, worthy of being chosen by customers, employees, shareholders, and society, and aims to increase corporate value and achieve sustainable growth over the medium to long term.
To this end, we have positioned corporate governance as an important management issue, and are working to improve management speed, transparency, and fairness by establishing an accurate and prompt decision-making system, a business execution system, and an appropriate supervisory system. We will also actively disclose information to our shareholders and other stakeholders in order to fulfill our accountability, and try to communicate thoroughly with them.

I want to know business results.

Please refer to "Financial Highlights" that include the main financial indicators for the past four fiscal years. And also we have "Annual Financial Statements" that include Annual Financial Statements for the past fiscal years.

Where is the listed market?

The Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Premier Market of the Nagoya Stock Exchange.

When was the stock listed?

The history of the listing of our shares on each of the Stock Exchanges is as follows.

September 10, 1993
Listed on the Second Section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange

December 25, 2015
Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

December 26, 2016
Changed to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Nagoya Stock Exchange

April 4, 2022
Moved to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Premier Market of the Nagoya Stock Exchange

October 20, 2023
Moved to the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

What is NICCA's Stock Code?

It is 4463.

What is the trading unit for the shares?


When is the closing date?

December 31.

When is the financial results announced?

Annually, we announced its full-year financial results in mid-February.

When is the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held?

The Annual General Meeting is held in late March every year.

I want to know the dividends policy.

We continue to pay stable dividends to our shareholders, and we decide to pay dividends to retained earnings in comprehensive consideration of the results of each fiscal year, investments required for future growth, and business development in the future. We also plan to expand our dividend payout ratio to 30%.
Annual dividends per share for the past five years are as follows.

FY2024 (forecast): ¥34

FY2023: ¥32
FY2022: ¥30
FY2021: ¥22
FY2020: ¥10
FY2019: ¥16

Please refer to "Dividends" for more details.

When is the date of payment of dividends to shareholders?

The interim dividend is June 30 and the year-end dividend is December 31.
The date of purchase of shares (the last day with rights) on which dividends can be acquired is two business days prior to December 30 (the last trading day of the stock market) for year-end dividends and two business days prior to June 30 for interim dividends. However, if December 30 or June 30 is a Saturday or Sunday, it shall be two business days prior to the business day immediately preceding the Saturday or Sunday.
The date of commencement of payment of dividends is mid-September for interim dividends and late March for year-end dividends.

Relevant information
Please refer to "Dividends" for details.

I want to know about the stock administration procedure.

For the transfer of shares, please contact the securities company if you have an account with the securities company. Shareholders who do not have an account with a securities company (whose shares are managed in a special account) need to follow procedures at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Banking, Limited.
In addition to the above, for procedures such as address change, dividend transfer designation, purchase or purchase of shares less than one unit, etc., the shareholders who have an account with the securities company should contact the securities company in the transaction. Please contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Banking, Limited for the shareholders of the special account.

Contact: Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Banking, Limited, Securities Department
Phone 0120-782-031 (toll-free, available only in Japan)