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Supporting customers' manufacturing sites with our high performance agents

Specialty Chemicals

Surfactants play an important role in the manufacture and processing of metals, paper, plastics, and other materials that are essential for manufacturing.
NICCA Chemical provides high-performance agents to these production factories. There are processing agents such as cleaning and antifoaming agents, as well as finishing agents which add value to the materials.


Provide environmentally friendly solutions to customers and markets.
Contribute to a brighter future through organic synthesis technology.

Strengths of NICCA

Easy to handle all kinds of materials at the manufacturing site.

Manufacturing sites have problems that cause various problems depending on the materials and processes when handling materials. To solve these problems, agents that utilize the know-how of NICCA Chemical's surface science are effective. We are working to develop new products by leveraging our knowledge so far that we can handle all materials with better skills.

Product information

Agents for Pulp & Paper Series Name
De-inking agent LIPOBRIGHT
Softening agent MUSCUT
Dryer releasing agent SLIVER
Felt cleaning agent NICCA SUNCLEAN
Flame Retarding agent NICCA FI-NONE
De-foaming Agent FOAMLEX
Recording Paper Series Name
Thermal paper developer BP-S/FF-3
Metalworking Chemicals Series Name
Spray detergent NICCA CLEAR SP
Detargent for dipping and ultrasonic NICCA SUNCLEAN L
Detergent for aluminum-type material NICCA SUNCLEAN A
Anticorrosion detergent for steel NICCA SUNCLEAN SP
Maintenance detergent CITRIKLEEN
Floor detergent for maintenance NICCA CLEAR TOP
Surfactants Series Name
Nonionic surfactant SUNMORL
Anionic surfactant SUNLEX
Cationic surfactant NICCANON
Ampholytic surfactant AMIPOL

Featured products

  • BPS for thermal pqpers used for various tickets such as airline and passenger tickets