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Announcement of completion of Second Plant of Kashima factory

Our company has three production bases in Japan, the Sabae Factory (Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture), the Kanto Factory (Asahi City, Chiba Prefecture), and the Kashima Factory. The Kashima Factory, completed in November 2010, manufactures nonionic surfactants that are indispensable as main raw materials for textile processing chemicals, paper and pulp chemicals, industrial detergents, resins, etc. Production of water-based urethane resins and esterification products, which are one of our important strategic products mainly uses . which are , has been carried out at the Sabae Factory and Kanto Factory, respectively. We have expanded production facilities at the Kashima Plant.

○ Outline of the second factory
Location: No. 25, Higashi Fukashiba, Kamisu City, Ibaraki Prefecture (Kashima Complex, Kaminoike West District)
Design and construction: Shin-Etsu Engineering Co., Ltd.
Scale: Heavy steel frame, 5 floors above ground
Total floor area: 3636.92㎡
Completion: May 27, 2019
Investment amount: Approximately 3.6 billion yen
Production capacity: 5,000 tons / yrs
Production capacity: Water-based urethane resin (Main applications: fiber coating agents, paints, adhesives, etc.)
Esterification products (main use: surfactant raw materials and resin raw materials, etc.)
■ Improved production efficiency by changing from batch to continuous production
■ Realization of optimal management and unmanned management of raw materials and products by automation of on-site logistics
■ Reduced industrial wastewater to 1/4 of conventional wastewater treatment facilities

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