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NICCA Innovation Center won the the "Excellent Architecture Award" ' of International Architecture Awards 2019, and "Special Award" of the Dedaro Minose International Architecture Award.

NICCA Innovation Center (NIC) received the following two international architecture awards. The award contents are as follows.

■International Architecture Awards 2019

The International Architecture Award, established in 2005, is held annually by the Chicago Museum of Architecture and the European Architecture Art Design Center. The award is a global award for architecture and urban planning that evaluates and verifies architecture considered the highest standard of creativity and inspiration, which explores future architectural design directions.

On September 13th, the award ceremony was held at Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Of the 120 buildings in 41 countries around the world, NIC was selected as 10 in the corporate office category, and was awarded the "Excellent Architecture Award".

The reasons for the award are "Working spaces are connected in multiple layers from the first floor to the fourth floor, and it looks like a museum when viewed from the upper floor", "Designed with consideration for the environment combining beauty and technology", "The appearance designed in the image of industrial textiles(textile is main industry in Fukui) was highly regarded as "reminiscent of the close connection between NICCA Chemical and the region"etc., it was highly praised for bringing innovation to the architectural world in the advanced design of architecture.

■Dedaro Minose International Architecture Award

An international award established in 1997 and held every two years by the Italian Architects Association. Dedaro means an architect, Minose means an orderer, and it is awarded not only to architects but also to orderers based on the philosophy that "excellent architecture requires the presence of both a good orderer and a great architect" Is a rare architectural award in the world.

The award ceremony was held at the Olimpico Theater in Vicenza, Italy on September 21, and NIC was nominated for the final selection of 14 works out of the 40 works submitted in 40 countries around the world. NIC conducts a three-year workshop at the time of basic design, and realized the concept of "HAPPY WORK PLACE" is created through discussions involving many employees, including managers, designers, and researchers. In this award, KOBORI Tetsuo (Tetsuo Kobori Architectural Design Office), who was in charge of basic design, worked with many people from construction companies, architectural consultants, furniture manufacturers, our management team to employees. It was praised for creating a high workplace.

  • 07e2e4ab858473b6bcfdfbb4b7ccbff291803cc7.png
    ▼ International Architecture Awards 2019 award ceremony
    (Mr. KOBORI Tetsuo, Director of Interfacial Science Research Institute Director INATSUGI Takahiro)
  • 20191004-02.png
    ▼ Dedaro Minose International Architecture Award Ceremony
    (Left: Architect KOBORI Tetsuo, Right: YOSHIDA Shiro, our senior advisor)

International Architecture Awards HP: https://www.internationalarchitectureawards.com/

Dedaro Minose HP: https://www.dedalominosse.org/eng/index.php

NICCA Innovation Center website: https://nic.niccachemical.com/