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NICCA Innovation center was opened on 1st of November

 On 1st of November, “NICCA Innovation center(Below is called NIC)” was opened.

 NIC is our new R&D facility to realize our company’s vision “INNOVATION 25” and “To Become The Most Reliable Innovation Company in the World”. In this facility, we are going to promote technological innovation and business innovation with customers and partners from all over the world.
 NIC has been designed under the concept of “Happy work place “, a place where produces innovation and is pleasant to be in and work in.
 And also, NIC conserves energy and contributes to the environment. Natural lights comes throw skylights, and temperature is controlled by using underground water. For this energy saving design, NIC was received as leading sustainable architecture (Reduction of CO2) by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

■Building Profile
 Address: 23-1, 4-chome, Bunkyo, Fukui-city
 Fukui 910-8670 Japan
 Construction site area: 2,621 square meter
 Total floor area: 7,296 square meter
 Scale・Structure: 4 floors above ground、steel framed reinforced concrete structure
   1st floor Special Laboratories、Meeting Rooms、Hall、Show Space、Lesson Studio
   2nd floor Institute of Hair Science and Technology
   3rd floor Institute of Surface Science and Technology
   4th floor Presentation Room etc.
 Construction period/Construction started in August 2017, Building completed in
 July 2017, Completed on 23rd of October 2017,Full operation on 1st of November
 Design/Tetsuo Kobori Architects
 Construction company/Shimizu Corporation

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