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Announcing the launch of Textile Chemicals web site

 NICCA has released a specialized web site for "Textile Chemicals business", which has been driving global growth as our core business for more than 75 years since its foundation.
 In order to increase the frequency and quality of information dissemination for the worldwide textile market, and increase the point of contact with customers, we established the site with two languages, English and Japanese.

Textile Chemicals web site link:

【Main contents】
■ Innovation (Technology & Solution)
 We have been researching surface science for more than 75 years and advancing technology development with the motto "Creating Value by Providing Technology". Examples of our product development and problem solving are introduced as "Development Stories" and "Problem Solving".

■ Sustainability
 Aiming for sustainable industry development and conservation of the global environment, major global apparel brand companies are strengthening efforts on environmental issues. As a member of the Textile Processing Supply Chain, NICCA group is constantly working on improving and we are also introducing bluesign®, ZDHC, GOTS etc. on this site.

■ Product information
 For various textile auxiliaries required for textile processing, we introduce products for each process and materials. In addition, we also introduce recommended recipes.

 If you have any questions on textile processing or want to know more about it, please do not hesitate to contact us from the inquiry form on the upper right of the new web site.