DEMI COSMETICS is the brand that designs, develops, manufactures, and sells hair beauty products for the professional salon industry. NICCA launched DEMI COSMETICS in 1982 based on the know-how of interface science and the technology of washing, lubrication, and dyeing cultivated in the textile field. And, with the theme of "the pursuit of natural, healthy and beautiful hair", NICCA is researching and developing hair care products based on hair science. NICCA uses creative research, technical products such as hair color and permanent wave lotion that is developed to meet market’s needs, and hair-care and styling products sold exclusively in salon to contribute to comfortable and affluent life.

Products sold exclusively in Salon
Category Item
Hair Care Shampoo
Hair Treatment
Leave-in Treatment
In-Salon Conditioning Treatment
Hair Color Permanent Hair Color
Semi-permanent Hair Color
Temporary Hair Color
Hair Color Essentials
Perm Permanent wave lotion
Straight permanent lotion
Curling lotion
Scalp care Shampoo
Hair Conditioner
Hair Treatment
Scalp Nourishing lotion
Hair Growth Promoter
Styling Hair Wax
Hair Foam
Hair Spray
Others Hand Cream