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Cleaning Chemicals

NICCA launched the cleaning field in 1962 used the experience and technology cultivated in the textile chemical industry. And NICCA has been developing many recommended products that lead the cleaning field over 45 years. Customers can use NICCA products safely and at ease because NICCA knows textile perfectly. At present, with the concept of agent friendly to environment, people, and living, NICCA is developing, manufacturing, and selling the products that can meet customers' needs in the processes from washing to finish in dry cleaning industry and linen supply field. And, NICCA has built the sales network to provide services to customers together with the sales agencies in Japan.

Dry Cleaning Industry
Category   Series Name
For laundry Powder detergent NOWDAY / SIROCK
Liquid detergent SANFRIEND
Auxiliary agent COLST
Bleaching agent LIPO BLEACH
Scarch SKIP
Lubricating agent FAMITON
For wet system Liquid detergent SANFRIEND
Water and oil repellent BARIGUARD
Agent for ABC wet system WET SOAP / SOILNON
Agent for mink processing FAMITON
For dry cleaning Agent for pre-treatment SOILAGE
Detergent and hydrocarbon DRYSTAR
Detergent for Park DRYSIGMA
Water and oil repellent for dry cleaning DRY BARIGUARD
Detergent for chlorofluorocarbon FLUORENS / FRONTAGE
Linen Supply
Category   Series Name
Agent for linen supply Powder detergent ECOMAX
Liquid detergent ECOMAX LIQUID
Powder auxiliary agent COLST
Liquid auxiliary agent NEORATE
Bleaching agent LIPO BLEACH
Softener ELMORE
Scarch SKIP
Lubricating agent FAMITON
Agent for endurance of linen material ECOMAX /NICEPOLE
Agent for dust control Powder detergent SUNRON
Agent for facility
Category   Series Name
Agent for facility Liquid detergent, Bleaching agent, Agent for finish ECOSMILE