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Pulp & Paper Chemicals

Pulp & Paper
Paper manufacturing industry is essential to usual life. Japan is in the top level in the production and technology in this field.And, this field is called recycling industry, because used paper accounts for over 60% of the materials. NICCA includes particularly environment consideration and added value in the proposals for the customers in the paper manufacturing industry. The main products are “LIPOBRIGHT Series”, the high functional deinking agent, and “FOAMLEX E Series”, the antifoam agent for KP cleaning, where not only the basic property such as antifoam and ink removal but also more efficient process including used agents are realized. And, “MUSCUT Series”, the bulking agent, saves materials in the entire paper manufacturing process with the high technology of NICCA.

Pulp & Paper
Category Series Name
Deinking agent LIPOBRIGHT
Bulking and opacifying agent MUSCUT/LAFINESSE
Dryer Releasing agent SUNTORL
Felt cleaning agent NICCA SUNCLEAN
Softening agent LAFINESSE
Flame Retarding agent NICCA FI-NONE
Pulp & Paper/antifoam agent
Category Series Name
For paper FOAMLEX 700
For drainage FOAMLEX 700

Recording Paper
Various Recording Paper is used to transmit information in information society. There will be much demand for fax paper and ink-jet paper in the future. NICCA focuses on the development and sales of thermal paper developer, thermo-sensitizing agent, and agent for ink-jet printing NICCA's bisphenol S developer is used for high-performance thermal paper such as label, ticket, tag, and register paper for which storage stability, burning resistance, light resistance, water resistance, and oil resistance are required.

Recording Paper
Category Series Name
Thermal paper developer BPS-P(T)
thermo-sensitizing agent for thermal paper PMB-2
Adhesive primer for ink-jet printing NEOFIX IJ
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