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Fine chemicals

Special active agent and surface active agent for industry
Synthetic rubber, latex, plastic, and electronic materials are essential to modern social life. Surface active agent assumes a key role in manufacturing and processing them. NICCA meets market’s needs in the products of surface active agent.

Specialty Chemicals
Category   Series Name
Addition agent for painting Dispersive agent DISPATEX
Penetrant PEAKLON
Antifoam agent FOAMLEX
Agent for latex and plastic Foaming agent for latex PEAKLON
Penetrant for latex PEAKLON
Flame retardant for latex NICCA FI-NONE
Antistatic agent (for painting)
Treatment agent for drainage water Antifoam agent for drainage water FOAMLEX
Spilled-oil treatment agent NICCA SUNCLEAN E
Other surface active agent
Category   Series Name
Non-ion surface active agent   SUNMORL
Negative-ion surface active agent   SUNLEX
Positive-ion surface active agent   NICCANON
Ampholytic surface active agent   AMIPOL
Bisphenol-A derivative Acrylate material
Polyester resin modifier
TMP derivative Acrylate material BPA / TMP
Electronic material
Category   Series Name
Cleanser for electronic and optical parts Neutral cleanser for precision part in water system CHEMITRON
Alkali cleanser for precision part in water system NICCA SUNCLEAN
Cleanser for glass mold NICCA SUNCLEAN
Dispersive antifoam agent for dry film resist W-2369 / FOAMLEX

Bisphenol S
Bisphenol S shows good heat, light stability and stable in oxidization due to its structure. OH group is reactive and induces various compounds such as polymer. And, the combination of substituent with benzene nucleus provides wide range of application.
NICCA not only sells the surface active agent made of Bisphenol S (“Sun-life Series”, the dye-fixing agent for improving color fastness to rubbing), but also delivers Bisphenol S to the customers that are producing engineering plastic, flame retardant, thermal paper , etc.
2,4'-Dihydroxy diphenyl sulfone which is isomer is appreciated as developer for heat sensitive paper.

Bisphenol S
Category   Series Name
Bisphenol S and derivative Material of surface active agent BPS-H、BPS-1C
Materials of plastic, flame retardant BPS-P(T)
Modifier for resin BPS-P(T)
developer BPS-P(T)、BPS-H

NICCA uses its emulsification and dispersion technologies based on the surface science which is the core technology of NICCA to develop and manufacture water-based urethane resin good for the environment. NICCA provides the tough, adhesive, and abrasion-resistant products that can be applied to in the wide range such as synthetic leather, artificial leather, binder, anchor agent, and adhesive agent.

Water-based polyurethane resin
Category   Series Name
  Impregnation EVAFANOL
Epidemic layer of laminate EVAFANOL
Middle layer of laminate EVAFANOL
Coating agent, binder NEOSTECKER
Adhesive agent for laminate NEOSTECKER
Coating agent, Adhesive agent NEOSTECKER
Coating agent, anchor agent NEOSTECKER
Water-based varnish NEOSTECKER

Fine Chemicals
High functions and high values are demanded in the market in the wide application range of surface active agent.
NICCA uses its creative and up-to-date research and development and high and stable production technology to provide high functions and high values in the market. NICCA grasps needs in advance and creates new markets.

Fine Chemicals
Category   Series Name
Reclaiming agent Deodorant CLEANST
Supply of customization product EOPO adduct  
Soluble polyester resin  
Surface hydrophilicity agent  
Ion liquid  
EO-adduct-type reactive acrylate monomer  
Development-type heat and UV uncured resin  
High-temperature vacuum reaction  
Technology of powder microparticulation and water dispersion  
Acceptance of surface active agent  
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