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Textile Chemicals

In the textile processing field, the surface active agents for textile processing that NICCA is developing, manufacturing, and selling dominate the domestic market. ?The NICCA agents cover all the steps of textile processing (spinning, weaving, scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing, and finishing), from which various views and know-how for technical support are available.

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Textile Chemicals
Category   Series Name
Oiling agent Lubricating agent for synthetic fiber NK OIL
Lubricating agent for cotton and its blend LIPO-OIL
Needle oil for knitting machine FAMITON
Scouring agent SUNMORL
Batch Scouring PITCHRUN
Bleaching anxiliary Bleach stabilizer for cotton NEORATE
Anti-degradation agent CROAKS
Chelating and Dispersing agent NEOCRYSTAL
Penetrant, antifoam agent Penetrant for alkali reduction and mercerization NEORATE
Antifoam agent TEXPORT CF-90
Carrier agent CARRIER
In-bath quality improver TEXPORT
Leveling agent For disperse dye NICCA SUNSOLT
For acidic dye and cationic dye NEWBON
Oligomer control agent, machine cleaner (dye compound and oligomeric remover) Oligomer control agent ESKUDO
machine cleaner NICCA SUNCLEANER
Agent for improving color fastness to rubbing Fixing agent SUNLIFE
Agent for improving color fastness to light UV absorber SUNLIFE
Agent for printing Binder NEOSTECKER
Printing Gum NICCA GUM
Antistatic agent Hydrophilic and SR agent NICEPOLE
Water and oil repellent, Soil-release finishing agent (SR) Fluorocarbon NK GUARD
Silicone base DRYPON
Flame Retarding agent Non-halogen agent for flameproof finish NICCA FI-NONE
Softener Water absorption and flexibility、Water absorption and quick drying NICCA SILICONE
Napping agent SHEARLON
Color deepener FRONTAGE
Stiffener KASESOL
Life care agent NICCANON
Deodorant finish KIRAKURU