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Softener for paper
Softener for paper
Gives paper softness gentle to the skin
softener paper and pulp

Development Background
Soft paper demanded in household

Lately, soft paper is demanded for tissue paper and toilet paper.? Previously, small crease was made when paper was peeled by drier or embossing was used.

Paper made of recycled paper is hard, but then consumers demand soft paper.

Lately, recycled pulp is used to make toilet paper frequently.? However, this kind of paper is hard, so it cannot meet consumer’s needs of soft paper.

Our product provides softness gentle to the skin

NICCA developed the softener, in order to meet to the consumers' needs.?Addition to pulp makes clearance in paper layers to make alignment of surface active agent on pulp slippery, which provides softness gentle to the skin.

Product Feature
Easy in handling
  It is high-density and easy to store. It can be added with small device.
  It is easy to emulsify into water, which enables addition of undiluted liquid.
Soft and nice feeling
Slippery flexibility produces soft and nice feeling.
Prominent adhesion
Prominent adhesion to pulp produces efficient flexibility effect.
Reference Data Change of structure of paper layer (flexibility)
Clearance between pulp textiles gives paper flexibility.
Alignment of Surface Active Agent (Slipperiness and Flexibility)
Slippery alignment of surface active agent on the pulp creates softness gentle to the skin.

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