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The global environment is the global problems which we must work on, and we must aim at perennial development in harmony with environment.

NICCA works on environmental activity based on environmental policy, and constitutes environmental committees in the office and factories.

Here, introduce our activity for environment and security.

Environmental Policy

- philosophy -

NICCA aims for the trustworthy and selected enterprise group through industrial activity as based on Surface science and Life science.

- guideline -

1.We make eco-friendly products and try to prevent environmental pollution.
  • We do development of products and materials supply with consideration for environment.
  • We establish flow of production with a little environmental load.
2.All of us try for improvement through activity of the participation.
  • We try for effective utilization and energy saving of resource, and carbon dioxide reduction.
  • We try for reduction of factory waste with 3R( reduce, reuse, recycle)
3.We make the work environment where a community and an employee can feel relieved.
  • We manage of risks and carry out regulations related environment through strict observance.
  • We share the info related environment in the office, and do social responsibility.

Revision on Feb 1st, 2005

Environmental Organization

Environmental Organization is composed of committees in Headquarter and committees in each factories.

Headquarter Environmental Committee
- The Organization controls environment, safe hygiene and PL
  Environmental Section - Construction and a review for environmental management system
  Internal Environmental Audit Committee - Audit environmental management system

Ecology Committee
- Environmental improvement in Headquarter
  Green Committee
(Sabae Factory)
- Environmental improvement in Factories
  Nanohana Committee
(Kanto Factory)
- Environmental improvement in Factories